INEX 2014 Linked Data Track
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The goal of the Linked Data track is to investigate retrieval techniques over a combination of textual and highly structured data, where RDF properties carry additional key information about semantic relations among data objects that cannot be captured by keywords alone. We intend to investigate if and how structural information could be exploited to improve ad-hoc retrieval performance, and how it could be used in combination with structured queries to help users navigate or explore large result sets via Ad-hoc queries, or to address Jeopardy-style natural-language queries which are translated into a SPARQL-based query format.

The Linked Data track thus aims to close the gap between IR-style keyword search and Semantic-Web-style reasoning techniques. Our goal is to bring together different communities and to foster research at the intersection of Information Retrieval, Databases, and the Semantic Web.

The track will not run in 2014.

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